Why It's Good to Wear a Pirate Costume

Anyone who decides to wear a pirate costume for a fancy dress party is going to be a very popular guest. I am not entirely sure why, but most people just seem to love anything to do with buccaneers. For men, it is probably something to do with the freedom, danger and adventure which they represent.

The buccaneer lifestyle is quite suited to any man who is a bit of a 'jack the lad' at heart. I mean, what other character gets to steal treasure, explore exotic islands, get drunk on rum and seduce beautiful women? Anyone wearing a pirate costume can get away with all of this and more without even the slightest bit of damage to his street cred.

For women, the attraction of a man in a pirate costume is more romantically orientated. Being whisked away by a handsome and rugged 'villain' with a large ship that is full of stolen treasure seems quite appealing to a lot of ladies. There would certainly be plenty of nice jewellery for her to choose from... Of course, there is also the sex appeal part. Throughout the years, Hollywood has supplied female filmgoers with an endless array of handsome bad boys on ships that have a Jolly Roger. Many rebellious characters in books or films are also enormous heart-throbs. Why women are drawn to men who are so obviously bad is a bit of an enigma, but it is also absolutely true. Even old films like, 'The Wild One' with Marlon Brando or 'Rebel without a Cause' with James Dean can still make a lot of girls go weak at the knees.

So, now that you can see what an excellent choice a pirate costume is, you need to decide where you are actually going to get one from. If you type your choice of outfit into a search engine then you will quickly find that you have a long list of websites which stock exactly what it is that you are looking for. If you are going to buy one online then just make sure that you know what style it is that you want. There are quite a few different varieties of buccaneer nowadays and it is not just a simple case of donning an eye patch along with a stripy shirt. Take your time when you are choosing though; you want to make sure that you really do look the part.

Your online search should also give you the name and address of any shop that will sell a pirate costume. Have a look to see if there is anything nearby. You may be surprised to find that there are more stockists in your area than you think. Fancy dress outlets tend to get overlooked a lot of the time unless you are planning to go to a party.

When you have finally got your pirate costume you can try it out. Don't leave it until the actual day of the party just in case it doesn't fit...